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Jose and I have never spoken a word to each other before today and honestly, through the little bit of information that we’ve shared with each other, it makes it feel as if I’ve actually met them in real life.

We used discord to communicate with each other and it is definitely a means to make new friends in this troubling time.

Padlet was simple and easy to use and understand, and even with my terrible wifi right now I was able to make a simple little board for my new found buddy!

Art Activity — Student Choice — Part 4 (second part!)

Here is my work from last project

The strengths:

  • Simple, elegant


  • Lack of color

In the new one I made it with new colors and was able to make it look a lot more pleasing!

My classmates seemed to like part 1, but again, said it was boring.

Art Activity — Student Choice — Part 4

This week I worked on my new art piece that was made from canvas and can spray paint. Different from previous weeks: I added a couple more colors as well as used mulch instead of sand to make different patterns in the piece. This piece is much more visually pleasing by adding the colors and other aspects. I hope you liked it :)

Here is the final product for my week 9 project of my space nebula, I think it turned out really well. It took a lot of practice on a separate piece and this was the final product!

Artist: Joseph DeLappe, Micol Hebron

Medias: (Joseph)online games, sculpture, electromechanical

-(Micol) Studio work, writing, social media


Instagrams: & @unicornkiller1

Joseph DeLappe and Micol Hebron are the two artists we get to talk about this week. Joseph is a UK-based artist known for his art intervention pieces that explore contemporary issues in politics through new media installations and interactive gaming performances. While on the other hand Micol Hebron critically examines and employs modes of feminist activism in art. Both of them are interdisciplinary, Micol being from California, and Joseph being from Scotland. …

So my idea for the Self-Idea project is to take the previous project I did with the sand and create a galaxy-type piece of art. I feel like doing this will let me experiment further with spray paint so I can use it in further projects. I think what I’m going to do is use a toothbrush and some white paint to emulate stars and use pink, purple, and grey paint to create a nebula-looking piece of art. I have a concern about how it’s going to look, but otherwise, I have everything I need to complete this assignment, and I’m excited to experiment.

If you look up “place” on google you’ll be given two definitions “a particular position or point in space.” or “a portion of space available or designated for or being used by someone.” As much as its true, it’s wrong. A place doesn’t necessarily have to be used by someone, nor does it have to take up a point in space. A place can be somewhere in the middle of Antarctica… this isn’t designated to be used by anyone, but it does take up a point in space. However, your “happy place” in your mind doesn’t take up, nor is…

My favorite time of the day is typically towards the end, the afternoon, or night… I have so much more fun during these times, no worries about work or school, but you get to live. Sometimes I’ll go out to the bay and watch the sunset, or take a walk around the wetlands near my place. Even though partying and nightlife were put on hold, I hold “Zoom-Parties” with my friends and go to the glowing neon lights labeled “Liquor” down the street from me. It seems like this way I can press play on my life again. Humans being…

This week we experimented with mixed-media artwork. The media that I used were physical art and painting. The physical portion of the artwork depended on the randomness of the sand being dropped from a certain height, landing on a canvas. Below are photos and a slow-motion video of the artwork being made, as well as the final result. I hoped you like it :)

Nate Wake

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