This 6 tile sketch assignment was fun to experiment with, the only problem I had was drawing myself.

For the first two drawings, I drew a whiskey glass that I had in my house filled with… soda. The one underneath that was a red solo cup, signifying the parties that I used to be able to go to before the epidemic.

The second column is trees, the first is a single palm tree in the middle of an ocean. This signifies the isolation that the epidemic has brought to us all. While the tree underneath that is a tree that has been struck by lighting, signifying the fact that even when damaged by a dramatic event, life can continue on.

The last two are of me, these were both really hard for me because I’m not experienced in drawing people. I haven't done many hands/faces and I thought these were really challenging for me.

The challenge was welcomed, I love how this piece came out and I put a lot of time into this assignment and had to experiment with colors to make everything come out how I wanted it to.